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15 acupuncture CEUs California and NCCAOM approval. This five-part course presents how the higher levels of healing can be accomplished with acupuncture and acupressure through the underlying principles laid out in ancient Chinese classics, most notably the Dodjīng. It includes a higher form of knowledge that comes from the integration of the Head and the Heart, or the Do and the D as they are called in the Dodjīng, a comprehensive and integrated cosmology; higher and more comprehensive levels of healing that take place through the balancing of the Virtues; a comprehensive worldview called the Order of the Universe that is revealed through the organization of the major themes of the Dodjīng, which results in what is called the Thematic Context; and the practical application of these principles in clinical practice.

Part 1 (Friday: 7PM-10PM) introduces the concept of the Three Levels of Healing. Understanding these levels and using them together is essential to Restoring Humanity and alleviating the Suffering and troubles of the world. To do so we will explore a code hidden within the Dodjīng that only emerges through the application of the Five Phases to the Dodjīng and results in the overall perspective of its Thematic Context.

Part 2 (Saturday: 10AM-1PM) continues the definition of Do from Part 1 to its Manifestation into the world, which establishes the Pattern for how the unification of the Body/Mind/Spirit is directly connected to the cosmology of the world-at-large. The important part of this cosmology links All Things together in a universal inclusivity according to various ratios of Yin and Yang. We will conclude Part 2 with the legendary story of Lǎozis birth and its amazing connection to this higher level of practice.

Part 3 (Saturday: 2PM-5PM) defines Virtue, the D of the Do-d-jīng, in relation to Higher and Lower Virtues. The Higher Virtues are the five non-reactionary impulses of the Heart/Mind, while the Lower Virtues consist of psycho-emotional reactions on the Spirit and Emotional levels. These are then defined as the Pre and Postnatal aspects of Human Nature. The Prenatal Original Spirit which is good because it retains its inherent connection to All Things and Do while the Postnatal True Nature separates us from ourselves and from All Things. According to the Highest Level of Healing, this separation is responsible for all the Suffering in the world and also leads directly to individual health problems on the psycho-physical level. In other words, the Suffering in the world-at-large is directly connected to Suffering on the individual level so that correcting problems within the individual will also have a dramatic impact on the world-at-large.

Part 4 (Sunday: 10AM-1PM) covers the Fragmentation from Do and its associated worldview including the degeneration from an orderly universe to one that is random and haphazard and results in Sickness, Disease, and Suffering. These are then re-examined from a Five Phase perspective that shows how these actions are only normal Five Phase imbalances carried to the sociological extreme, which is called Confusion and Disorder in the Dodjīng.

Part 5 (Sunday 2PM-5PM) is called Embracing Do and shows how this Fragmentation can be reversed by Returning to Do as Source by following special principles laid out in the Dodjīng that restore Yin-Yang Balance and Harmony to the individual so that our Inner Potential can be reclaimed and humanity on the personal AND the global level can be restored.

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Greater Boston Area: October 21-23, 2016
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