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All of Dennis' acupuncture and Chinese philosophy books started out as one book called "Many Paths: One Center."  When it became obvious that this material was too much for just one book, the project was broken down to smaller categories-hence the fifteen books.  Nevertheless, all of these books have been developing together so they will fit together nicely like a Chinese puzzle.  That's why it has taken so long between publications to date.

As this material comes together and workable drafts of all of these books are completed, the publication of any given book becomes more tangible.  As the entire project gets nearer to being completed, less time is required to finish each book.  Therefore in the near future, the publishing time between books will get shorter and shorter.

If you are sincerely interested in mastering this material don't get behind!  If you haven't ordered any of the more recent books, now is the time to do so because the next one is right around the corner.  In the meanwhile, familiarize yourself with the forthcoming titles so you know what the Big Picture is.

Also, if you want to be kept up to date about new publications even as they are being written, sign up to be on our mailing list now!  Doing so will place you in the inner circle so you will be informed about this information before it is released to the general public.
Fu Ming Dao: A Training Program in Shiatsu/Acupressure Therapy
This is the complete 366 page text that was used in my Shiatsu/Acupressure school in the early 1980s. It is divided into six different parts and fully illustrated with 158 of my original drawings. This book could be available sooner than later. If you are interested, please email me at

Part I deals with basic Shiatsu Therapy and consists of Tools and Techniques; Yin-Yang Embryology in reference to Meridian origin and the Six Divisions; abdominal diagnosis; treatment of the back, lower leg, abdomen, chest and arms, head and shoulders; physiognomy; full body shiatsu for relaxation or invigoration; as well as using intuition during shiatsu treatment.

Part II deals with Acupressure Polarity including Yin-Yang numerology; sacred geometry and acupressure polarity; and various in depth suggestions for treating the different parts of the body by part and as a whole. Included are lessons on the Sixty-four main points of acupressure, the 32 Main Mother points, octaval polarity and a section on the Eight Extraordinary Vessels.

Part III deals with the in depth understanding of Yin-Yang Meridian Polarity including the Composite Polarity System, the structure/function relationship between the meridians, adjusting the Organ/Meridian Complex, the Seven General Points, and the three main divisions of the Six Division System with each on the theoretical and practical levels.

Part IV deals with the Yin-Yang Polarity of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels.

Part V deals with the Five Phases.

Part VI deals with tongue diagnosis.
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Devils, Demons, and Destiny: The Thirteen Ghost Points and Other Treatments for the Head and Heart
"Devils, Demons, and Destiny" discusses the Fire/Water axis in acupuncture in relation to two major treatment protocols on treating the spirit in acupuncture: the Thirteen Ghost Points of Sun Simiao and the Internal/External Dragon treatments of J. R. Worsley. more info
The Acupuncture Point Master: Three Hundred Sixty Caverns of the Soul
"The Acupuncture Point Master" is a thorough acupuncture point book with excellent drawings of all the point locations.  It includes sections for each point on the Names of the point, the Technique with which it used (Location, Needling Method, Moxabustion Method, and Prohibitions and Precautions), the Energetics of the point (Titles, Crossings and Meetings, Groupings), Usage (Function and Indications all organized from general to specific, top of the body to the bottom, Yin to Yang, and from general to Western), Symptom Complexes, and Combinations.

This is the book that Dennis has been using himself for the last 15 years and keeping from the public until all of his other books are complete.  He also lists an extensive index of symptom categories.  You couldn't find the points you need any faster with a computer.

825 pages to date.
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The Art of Bliss: Sacred Proportion in Acupuncture and Meditation
"The Art of Bliss" discusses Yin-Yang polarity in acupuncture in terms of sacred geometry.  In the mid-1980s at the Acupuncture and Shiatsu Therapy Center in Boston, Dennis taught how the seventy-one meridians of acupuncture polarize from Non-Being through Yin-Yang polarity and how these polarizations can be easily visualized through sacred geometry.  He traces this movement from point, to line, to surface, to solid and then through the progression of Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Cube, Dodecahedron, and Icosahdron so that the Yin-Yang polarity between these figures and these meridians can be more easily visualized and understood.  

In this current work, he furthers this study to include the points of acupuncture and their relation to each other through these principles.  These relations fit into either of two different categories: the binary and golden proportions.  The binary proportion describes how cells can most effectively multiply and can be used to tonify living functions as well as to promote the proliferation of cancer cells in the disease progression or decrease them in healing procedures.  In contrast, the golden proportion describes how different systems can more effectively co-exist in the same time and space harmoniously for the highest level of well-being.  Dennis analyzed the relationship between the 360 acupuncture points with one another and came up with effective treatments based on these proportions for each of the organ systems.  When applied to people, the results were extremely transformational.  People glowed on the treatment table and many old holding patterns were released.

This book also extends these principles to meditation so that therapist, client, and lay person together can all benefit from this revelation.
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