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The Daodejing Companion
The Daodejing Companion
The Daodejing Companion $70.00
The Daodejing Companion $70.00

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Volume I: the Dodjīng Companion

Volume I of this five-part series on the Dodjīng was ironically written last, after all of the other perspectives and levels of understanding reached in the other four volumes was completed. It, therefore, represents the Beginning and the End of this endeavor simultaneously. Longtime students of the Dodjīng will find it especially useful and enjoyable because it is the result of having embodied this greater perspective, an embodiment that will hopefully spur the reader onto even greater realizations. Readers who are new to the Dodjīng will also find it useful and enjoyable because the depth of this translation is paradoxically grounded in a Simplicity that comes full circle to open new doors of understanding with each reading of the text.

Volume I contains two introductory chapters at the Beginning of the text that explain the important concepts of these other volumes, especially the worldview that is revealed by the Thematic Context of Volume IV. It is also unique in its Simplicity. On the even left-hand pages it presents the basic translation of the text with the Pinyin and Chinese characters, while the odd right-hand pages offer full-color photos taken by the author in China that directly relate to each chapter. The relevance of each of these photos to its corresponding chapter is further explained in the Appendix. These photos encourage the reader to relax and open their minds into a state of contemplation that deepens with each chapter and the book as a Whole. In doing so, the essence of this text aligns the reader with the Wisdom of Lǎozi and his Virtue, and yields a Profound respect for this great teaching.

May the intellectual understanding of Do (as Head) merge with the Emotional understanding of D (as Heart), so that the reader can experience a profound intuitional understanding of the text. In doing so, may we all come together in the attainment of One Peaceful World!


Table of Contents and Full Color Photos

Introduction 9

The Thematic Context and Worldview of the Dodjīng 10

Dodjīng Outline: Thematic Context Outline―253 Terms 14

Worldview 20

Chapter 1/45 (1:1)―The Do that Has No Name 22

Full Color Photo 1: Cave where Nǚwā, the Mother of the Ten Thousand Things, lived near Tiānshuǐ 23

Chapter 2/46 (1:2)―The Hidden Perfection of Yin and Yang 24

Full Color Photo 2: Golden Statue of the Sage Lǎozi at the Hngǔ Pass 25

Chapter 3/47 (1:3)―Acting with Non-Action 26

Full Color Photo 3: Carving of an Immortal Child on Moshān where Inner Alchemy Partly Originated 27

Chapter 4/48 (1:4)―The Pattern/Template of the Lord 28

Full Color Photo 4: Fxī as Ruler and Ancestor of the Ten Thousand Things in Tiānshuǐ 29

Chapter 5/49 (1:5)―Straw Dogs 30

Full Color Photo 5: Swastika Balancing the Four Directions in the Temple of Confucius 31

Chapter 6/50 (1:6)―The Spirit of the Valley 32

Full Color Photo 6: Gate of the Mysterious Female at the the Residential Compound of Lǎozi in Ly 33

Chapter 7/51 (1:7)―Leaving Yourself Behind 34

Full Color Photo 7: View of Golden Statue of Lǎozi from the Peak of Moshān 35

Chapter 8/52 (1:8)―The Highest Good is like Water 36

Full Color Photo 8: View from Mount Qīngchng Shān 37

Chapter 9/53 (1:9)―Filling a Hall with Gold and Jade 38

Full Color Photo 9: A Golden Hall in the National Heritage Park of Luyng 39

Chapter 10/54 (2:1)―Mysterious Virtue 40

Full Color Photo 10: Heavens Gate Extending Mysterious Virtue to the Four Directions on Wǔdngshān 41

Chapter 11/55 (2:2)―The Thirty Spokes of a Single Wheel 42

Full Color Photo 11: Spokes and Wheel on a Cart from the Old City of Dūnhung 43

Chapter 12/56 (2:3)―The Belly of the Sage 44

Full Color Photo 12: Musicians and the Five Tones from the Zhōugōng Temple Museum in Luyng 45

Chapter 13/57 (2:4)―Valuing Great Suffering 46

Full Color Photo 13: Temple to the God of Medicine (Sūn Sīmiǎo) on Wǔdngshān 47

Chapter 14/58 (2:5)―Knowing the Ancient Beginning 48

Full Color Photo 14: Mountain vista from Hushān where the Ancient Do was Regulated 49

Chapter 15/59 (2:6)―The Simplicity of a Woodcutter 50

Full Color Photo 15: A Muddy Stream on the Way to the Nǚwā Temple outside of Tiānshuǐ 51

Chapter 16/60 (2:7)―Returning to Destiny 52

Full Color Photo 16: View from the Peak of Tishān, the Mountain of Destiny 53

Chapter 17/61 (2:8)―Accountability 54

Full Color Photo 17: The Jade Emperor, the Highest of the Three Pure Ones, from a Temple in Xiǎonnhǎi 55

Chapter 18/62 (2:9)―Confusion and Disorder in the Kingdom 56

Full Color Photo 18: The Terracotta Warriors of Protection in the Tomb of Shǐ Hung D 57

Chapter 19/63 (3:1)―Limiting Desire 58

Full Color Photo 19: Painting of the Sage Confucius from the Temple of Confucius in Qūf 59

Chapter 20/64 (3:2)―The Infant Child Who has not Laughed 60

Full Color Photo 20: Residence of the Queen Mother of the West in the Kūnln Mountain Range 61

Chapter 21/65 (3:3)―The Accountability of the Vague and Elusive 62

Full Color Photo 21: Scene from the Peak of the Kūnln Mountain Range 63

Chapter 22/67 (3:4)―Becoming the Model for Everyone 64

Full Color Photo 22: Golden Statue of the Sage/Model of Lǎozi on Moshān 65

Chapter 23/68 (3:5)―The Whirlwind and the Thunderstorm 66

Full Color Photo 23: Whirlwind in the Kūnln Mountain Range 67

Chapter 24/66 (3:6)―Excess Nourishment and Useless Activities 68

Full Color Photo 24: Man Riding a Horse from the Luyng Museum 69

Chapter 25/69 (3:7)―The Mother of the World 70

Full Color Photo 25: Temple to Lǎozis Mother at his Residential Compound in Ly 71

Chapter 26/70 (3:8)―Showing Your Lightness to the World 72

Full Color Photo 26: Painting of a Zhōu Dynasty King and Baggage Wagon from the Luyng Museum 73

Chapter 27/71 (3:9)―Depending on the Good 74

Full Color Photo 27: An Old Style Bolt and Bar of a Door in the H Family Mansion of Tiānshuǐ 75

Chapter 28/72 (4:1)―The Greatest Tailor Never Cuts 76

Full Color Photo 28: Mountain Ravine of the World on Hushān 77

Chapter 29/73 (4:2)―The Spirit Vessel of the World 78

Full Color Photo 29: A Hollow Gourd (Spirit Vessel) in Ti'ān 79

Chapter 30/74 (4:3)―Using Strength through Weapons 80

Full Color Photo 30: Using Strength in the World through Weapons from the Great Canal Museum in Luyng 81

Chapter 31/75 (4:4)―Abiding with the Funeral Rites 82

Full Color Photo 31: Statue of Yu Fēi, a Famous Military General in his Tomb at Ānyng 83

Chapter 32/76 (4:5)―The Do that has No Name 84

Full Color Photo 32: Lǎozi Embracing the Sweet Dew on Lugunti 85

Chapter 33/77 (4:6)―He Who Dies But Doesnt Perish 86

Full Color Photo 33: Stone Relief of Immortals on Lugunti 87

Chapter 34/78 (4:7)―Without Acting as their Ruler 88

Full Color Photo 34: A River Below a Daoist Temple in Xiǎonnhǎi 89

Chapter 35/79 (4:8)―The Pattern/Template of the World 90

Full Color Photo 35: Dumplings from a Cart in Luyng 91

Chapter 36/80 (4:9)―The Fish Cannot Escape from the Depths 92

Full Color Photo 36: Fish in the Depths of a Pond of the Y Yun Gardens of Shnghǎi 93

Chapter 37/81 (5:1)―Quietude 94

Full Color Photo 37: Temple to the Duke of Zhōu (Zhōugōng) in Qūf 95

Chapter 38/1 (5:2)―High and Low Virtue 96

Full Color Photo 38: Painting of Confucius Teaching the Five Constant Virtues at his Temple in Qūf 97

Chapter 39/2 (5:3)―Attaining Oneness 98

Full Color Photo 39: Stone Necklace from the Luyng Museum 99

Chapter 40/4 (5:4)―The Movement of Do is in Returning 100

Full Color Photo 40: Waterfall Returning to the Sea from Mount Tibi 101

Chapter 41/3 (5:5)―When the Scholar/Warrior Hears of the Do 102

Full Color Photo 41: A Rugged Valley of the Highest Virtue on Mount Tibi (the Great White) 103

Chapter 42/5 (5:6)―The Manifestation Sequence 104

Full Color Photo 42: Carrying Yin on their Backs from the National Museum of Chinese Writing 105

Chapter 43/6 (5:7)―The Benefits of Non-Action 106

Full Color Photo 43: Water Flowing with Non-Action through Rocks and Boulders on Mount Tibi 107

Chapter 44/7 (5:8)―Knowing When You Have Had Enough 108

Full Color Photo 44: Old Man in Front of his Cave on Mount Tishān 109

Chapter 45/8 (5:9)―Stillness Rectifies the World 110

Full Color Photo 45: A Still Pond Below a Waterfall on Mount Tishān 111

Chapter 46/9 (6:1)―War Horses Breeding on the Frontier 112

Full Color Photo 46: War Horses Manifesting on the Frontier from the Q Cultural Museum of Zīb 113

Chapter 47/10 (6:2)―Knowing the World without Leaving the Door 114

Full Color Photo 47: A Heavenly Path on the Lugunti Monastery 115

Chapter 48/11 (6:3)―Through Non-Action, Nothing is Left Undone 116

Full Color Photo 48: View from Peak of Qīngchng Shān 117

Chapter 49/12 (6:4)―Being Good to Those Who are Not Good 118

Full Color Photo 49: Statue of the Sage Lǎozi (the Old Child) at his Residential Complex in Ly 119

Chapter 50/13 (6:5)―The Tiger Finds No Place to Claw 120

Full Color Photo 50: Shields and Weapons from the Old City of Dūnhung 121

Chapter 51/14 (6:6)―Nursing the Ten Thousand Things 122

Full Color Photo 51: Crane Spreading its Wings to Cover the Ten Thousand Things on Hmng Shān 123

Chapter 52/15 (6:7)―Block all the Openings 124

Full Color Photo 52: Statue of Nǚwā as Mother of the World at her Temple Outside of Tiānshuǐ 125

Chapter 53/16 (6:8)―Braggers and Thieves 126

Full Color Photo 53: Rulers Carrying the Swords of Advantage in their Belts from the Q Cultural Museum of Zīb 127

Chapter 54/17 (6:9)―Cultivating Virtue 128

Full Color Photo 54: Temple of Confucius in Qūf 129

Chapter 55/18 (7:1)―Poisonous Insects and Snakes 130

Full Color Photo 55: Sculpture of a Fierce Beast from the Luyng Museum 131

Chapter 56/19 (7:2)―The Mysterious Union 132

Full Color Photo 56: A Verbal Debate in the Jxi Academy from the Q Cultural Museum of Zīb 133

Chapter 57/20 (7:3)―Self-Rectification 134

Full Color Photo 57: Carving of the Legalist Lǐ Sī from the National Museum of Chinese Writing in Ānyng 135

Chapter 58/21 (7:4)―Making Things Square without Cutting 136

Full Color Photo 58: Fxī and Nǚwā Holding the Carpenters Square and Compass in Tiānshuǐ 137

Chapter 59/22 (7:5)―Preventive Medicine 138

Full Color Photo 59: Healing Humankind on the Symptomatic and Preventive Levels 139

Chapter 60/23 (7:6)―Cooking a Small Fish 140

Full Color Photo 60: The Benevolent Ruler Jiāng Tigōng from the Q Cultural Museum in Zīb 141

Chapter 61/24 (7:7)―Seeking the Lowest Level 142

Full Color Photo 61: Waterfall of Mount Tibi Symbolizing the Flow that Seeks the Lowest Level 143

Chapter 62/25 (7:8)―Making Obeisance with the Jade Disc 144

Full Color Photo 62: Making an Offering to Do while Remaining in your Seat from the National Museum of Chinese Writing in Ānyng 145

Chapter 63/26 (7:9)―Taking Care of Things While They are Still Small 146

Full Color Photo 63: Small Terracotta Warrior Statues of the Hn Dynasty Daoist Emperor Hn Yng 147

Chapter 64/27 (8:1)―The Journey of a Thousand Miles 148

Full Color Photo 64: A Nine Storey Tower at Wng Chng 王城 Park in Luyng 149

Chapter 65/28 (8:2)―Returning to the Great Beginning 150

Full Color Photo 65: Temple to the Yellow Emperor from Ancient Times outside of Xīān 151

Chapter 66/29 (8:3)―Putting Yourself Last 152

Full Color Photo 66: Valley of the Hngǔ Pass 153

Chapter 67/32 (8:4)―The Three Treasures 154

Full Color Photo 67: Statue of Duke Jiāng whose Son, the Duke of Xin, was Visited by Lǎodān 155

Chapter 68/33 (8:5)―Using the Force of Others 156

Full Color Photo 68: Painting of Good Scholar/Warriors from the Q Cultural Museum in Zīb 157

Chapter 69/34 (8:6)―Baring Arms without Rolling up the Sleeves 158

Full Color Photo 69: Tijqun Push Hands Practitioners in Modern Shnghǎi 159

Chapter 70/35 (8:7)―Keeping Jade in the Bosom 160

Full Color Photo 70: Archaeological Site of the Yellow Emperor near Lngbǎo 161

Chapter 71/36 (8:8)―Being Sick of Being Sick 162

Full Color Photo 71: Statue of the Sage Lǎozi in Lugunti 163

Chapter 72/37 (8:9)―Then a Greater Majesty Will Arrive 164

Full Color Photo 72: A Cave Dwelling Plaace next to the Yellow Emperor Tomb near Xīān 165

Chapter 73/38 (9:1)―The Spreading of Heavens Net 166

Full Color Photo 73: The Former Heaven Sequence of the Trigrams from the Fxī Temple in Tiānshuǐ 167

Chapter 74/39 (9:2)―The Official Executioner 168

Full Color Photo 74: Statue of an Official Executioner at the Yu Fēi War Temple outside of Ānyng 169

Chapter 75/40 (9:3)―Acting with No Regard for Life 170

Full Color Photo 75: Having No Regard for Life in the Yu Fēi War Temple of Ānyng 171

Chapter 76/41 (9:4)―Disciples of the Living and the Dead 172

Full Color Photo 76: Temple with Soft and Yielding Trees on Qīngchng Shān 173

Chapter 77/42 (9:5)―Handling a Stretched Bow 174

Full Color Photo 77: Sculpture Relief of Archers at the Zhōugōng 周公 Temple Museum of Ānyng 175

Chapter 78/43 (9:6)―Ruler over the Gods 176

Full Color Photo 78: Pool of Water on the Side of the Trail on Tishān 177

Chapter 79/44 (9:7)―Holding the Left Tally 178

Full Color Photo 79: Vista on Mount Tibi and its Vigilance over the Common Good of All 179

Chapter 80/30 (9:8)―O for a Small Kingdom 180

Full Color Photo 80: Chickens and Dogs at the Base of the Qiānlng Mauseleum near Xīān 181

Chapter 81/31 (9:9)―Being without Contention or Suffering 182

Full Color Photo 81: Painting of the Sage Lǎozi Riding the Ox from the Daoist Complex of Hmng Shān 183

Appendix (Memorable Phrases Used in the Text) 184

Picture Descriptions 187

Map of Significant Places 191

Dodjīng Chapter Numerology 192

Basic Pronunciation 193

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