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The pictures in this series show the rear gate of the Spirit Road, the Dragon Wind Gate. Here we see the central section of this gate. There are five sections in all with a small 9-inch stone railing that you have to step over in order to cross through the gate. These gates are in all ancient Chinese building complexes and were created to regulate the Qi that comes and goes through them through fengshui principles. The Qi moves through these gates through wind and rain. Fengshui means, literally, "Wind and Water" and denotes the harmonization of Qi. The stone railing prevents intrusion by unwanted forces. The number of entrances regulates the Qi according to numerological principles. Some gates have only three openings representing general harmony and balance between Yin and Yang, or Heaven. Earth, and Man. Here, the gate has five openings representing the regulation by the Five Phases.

The Chinese word men/gate is a common word used in the names of thirty-one acupuncture points. Therefore, these particular points regulate the Qi in the Body, Mind, Spirit in particular ways described by other words used in their names. These are, of course, all described in detail in Dennis' Pointnames book.

This particular Dragon Wind Gate represents the Yin aspect of the Spirit Gate, also the name of the acupuncture point Heart 7, a point described in great in regard to these images in Dennis' Spiritpoint book.

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