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Fat Chance: Surviving the Cholesterol Controversy and Beyond
Fat Chance: Surviving the Cholesterol Controversy and Beyond
Fat Chance: Surviving the Cholesterol Controversy and Beyond
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Fat Chance: Surviving the Cholesterol Controversy and Beyond, 284 pp.

Dietary recommendations from the AMA and the AHA to lower cholesterol do not work. Doctors then put you on cholesterol-lowering drugs that do. But these people still get heart attacks! More than 2500 Americans still die EVERY DAY from cardiovascular disease. Why? Fats and oils come in two varieties, healthy and deadly. Most people are totally unaware of this difference. Nevertheless, fats and oils are so important that the kind we eat, and the way we use them, determines whether we will be healthy or lapse into chronic degenerative disease, heart problems, and cancer.

Unfortunately, the misinformation and confusion concerning fats and oils and the terms used for them keep the public in the dark about the immense value of healthy fats and oils and the grave danger of the ones that kill. Terms like triglycerides, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, cholesterol, essential fatty acids (including the omega 3s and 6s), and trans-fats are often used with limited understanding and leave us powerless to make the positive health changes we deserve. The medical establishment offers guidelines that do nothing but lead us to pharmaceutical dependency. The FDA allows industry to mislead the consumer through deceptive labeling practices that conceal the dangers of their products. Furthermore, few people know that conventional cholesterol theory is unproven and ignores many studies indicating that low cholesterol often presents a greater risk for heart disease than high cholesterol.

Those who really want to be healthy should not rely on the establishment to protect them and their loved ones. They should find out how to use fats and oils for themselves. Understanding Fats, Oils, and Cholesterol demystifies the terms and explains how to navigate through the falsifications. Finally, this book will provide the following simple solutions:

  • How to tell when HIGH cholesterol is really a problem
  • How to tell when LOW cholesterol is the problem
  • Why conventional dietary practices FAIL to regulate cholesterol
  • Why saturated fatty acids are NOT implicated in heart disease
  • Why the Mediterranean diet fails to solve the modern health crisis
  • How to regulate cholesterol levels NATURALLY without drugs
"Fat Chance" integrates eastern and western understanding of health into a unified perspective. Acupuncturists know that Liver conditions adversely affect more organs and tissues in the body than any other condition. Good fats and oils nourish the Liver while bad fats and oils create pathological Liver conditions that create havoc throughout the Body/Mind. Learning about good and bad quality fats and oils will teach you more about taking care of your health than any other single thing you can do.

284 pages; 125 illustrations including 36 tables, 45 figures, and 44 pie charts.

Dennis Willmont has been practicing acupuncture, Taijiquan and Daoist meditation over thirty years. In the early 1980s, Mr. Willmont created and directed the first professional program of Shiatsu and Acupressure Therapy in North America. His unique blend of scholarship and intuition has led to the formation of a multi-volume series on the energetics and Body/Mind/Spirit connection in ancient acupuncture. Dennis uses natural foods, essential oils, and Chinese herbs in his acupuncture practice in Marshfield, Massachusetts.

Table of Contents
Dietary Fats and Oils 1
  • Definition 1
  • Lipids 3
    • Fatty Acids 3
    • The Sterols 8
    • The Phospholipids 11
    • The Triglycerides 12
    • Essential Fatty Acids 20
    • Yin-Yang Fatty Acid Perspective 28
Fats and Oils in Chinese Medicine 37
  • Yin-Yang 37
  • Liver Correlations 42
    Coronary Artery Disease and Cholesterol 51
    • Medical Studies 51
    • Prevention of Unnecessary Heart Surgeries 53
    • Angiograms 53
    • Bypass Surgery 55
  • Angioplasty 56
  • Cholesterol Theory and Coronary Artery Disease 57
    • Serum Cholesterol 58
    • HDL/LDL 60
  • The Cholesterol Controversy 62
    • CAD is Unrelated to Cholesterol Levels 62
    • Undesirable Side-Effects 64
    • Failure to Prove the Cholesterol Connection 66
    • Politics Betrays Science 68
    • Doctors, Professors, and Nutritionists Speak Out 69
    • Angioplasty 56
  • Reviewing the Cholsterol Trials 72
    • Pre-Formulated Agenda 73
    • Biased Control Groups 73
    • Conclusions Contrary to Findings 74
    • Exaggerated Figures 75
    • Ignoring Contradictory Studies 79
    • Promotion Before Consensus 80
    • Historical Landmarks in the Cholesterol Campaign 82
    Stress and the Spirit of the Human Heart 87
  • Problems with Saturated Fat 89
      SaFAs and Cholesterol 89
    • A Relative Perspective 91
  • Nutritional Causes of CAD 93
    • Free Radicals and Oxidation 93
    • Chronic Infection 94
Oil Production 105
  • The Extraction and Pressing Process 105
    • Cold Pressed 105
    • Solvent Extraction 107
  • The Refining Process 108
    • Refining 108
    • Bleaching 108
    • Degumming 109
    • Deodorizing 109
    • Enriching 110
    • Fractionation and Transesterification 110
    • Hydrogenation and the Trans-fatty Acids 111
    • Partial Hydrogenation 115
    • Hydrogenation Politics 116
  • By-Products Creating Disease and Degeneration 116
    • Free Radicals 116
    • Antioxidants 118
  • Olive Oil Processing 118
    • Grades 107
Food and Cooking 123
  • Nutrients 123
  • Cooking Methods 124
    • The Sixty Second Interval 127
Special Oils 129
  • Yang Within Yin: Medium-Chain SaFAs 129
    • Coconut Oil 129
  • Yang Within Yang: Principal Omega 3 Sources 137
    • Krill Oil 137
    • Fish Oil 146
    • Sardine Oil 148
    • Cod Liver Oil 148
    • Cod Fish Oil 148
    • Salmon (Wild) 149
    • Salmon (Farmed) 149
    • Flaxseed Oil 149
    • Hempseed Oil 151
  • Oils For Conversion Deficiencies 155
    • Black Currant Seed Oil 155
    • Borage Oil 155
    • Evening Primrose Oil 156
Other Edible Oil Sources 165
  • Fats and Oils in Vegetables 165
    • Almond Oil 165
    • Apricot Kernel Oil 165
    • Calendula Oil 165
    • Canola Oil 166
    • Cottonseed Oil 169
    • Foraha Oil 169
    • Grape Seed Oil 170
    • Jojoba Oil 174
    • Macadamia Oil 174
    • Olive Oil 175
    • Peanut Oil 177
    • Pumpkinseed Oil 177
    • Rapeseed Oil 178
    • Rice Bran Oil 178
    • Safflower Oil 179
    • Sesame Oil 179
    • Soybean Oil 179
    • Sunflower Seed Oil 180
    • Walnut Oil 180
    • Wheat Germ Oil 181
    Oils in Nuts, Seeds, and Fruits
    • Avocado Oil Oil 181
    • Cashew Nuts 181
    • Chia Seeds 182
    • Pecans 182
    • Pine Nuts 182
    • Pistacios 182
  • Fats and Oils in Animals 183
    • Milk 183
    • Butter 183
    • Eggs 184
    • Chicken Thigh 184
    • Chicken Breast 184
    • Pork 185
    • Lamb 185
    • Beef 185
    • Lard 185
Good Oils, Bad Oils: What to Use, What to Avoid 187
  • General Principles 187
    • The Seven Categories 187
  • Blends/Combinations
  • Daily Practice 191
    • Correction Stage 191
    • Conversion Deficiencies 191
    • EFA Maintenance 192
    • Strategies in Choosing Oils for Long-Term Use 194
    • Balancing the Omega 3/Omega 6 Ratio 198
  • Re-Evaluating Cholesterol 201
  • Natural Cholesterol Regulation 203
    • Yin and Yang 205
    • Cholesterol Regulation From the Peripheral Tissues 207
    • Cholesterol Regulation with Normal LIver Qi 212
    • Cholesterol Regulation from Pathological Liver Qi 213
    • Causes of Cholesterol Imbalance 218
    • Summation 220
  • Phytosterol Therapy 222
Treatable Conditions 225
  • General Strategies 225
    • Acupuncture Orientation 225
    • Edible Oil Orientation 228
  • Psycho-Emotional Disorders 229
  • Immune Disorders 231
  • Skin Disorders 231
  • Musculo-Skeletal Disorders 234
  • Brain Disorders 235
  • Eye Disorders 235
  • Digestive Disorders 236
  • Obesity Revisited 237
  • Female Reproductive Disorders 242
Glossary of Abbreviations 243
Glossary of Fatty Acid Profiles 251
References 257
Index 259
Endnotes 267
Average Customer Review: Average Customer Review: 5 of 5 5 of 5 Total Reviews: 2 Write a review.

  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Best Book on Fats March 3, 2008
Reviewer: Therese Jacobs D.C. from Hanover, MA  
I have read both Mary Enig and Udo Erasmus's books on fats in trying to understand the piece they play in rendering good health, and it was your book that truly helped me understand how to assist myself and others to move beyond our present metabolic state.  I must admit at first I was overwhelmed with the definition and structural make-up of the different fats, but as I read on, it was a feast for my eyes.  This is the best book out there on fats without a doubt!  Your book has practical life applications for both healthy and the metabolically challenged person.  Your presentation on coronary artery disease and cholesterol needs to be shouted from the rooftops.  The blending of estern and western perspectives is really an added bonus that showed me how fats affect the total body as well as the importance of the liver in working through our fat consumption.  Your book was written in such a way that every one of my questions was answered...AMAZING!  Keep up the great work.

Was this review helpful to you?

  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 The Best Book on Preventing Cardiovascular Disease October 20, 2006
Reviewer: Eduardo Cichowicz MD from San Juan, PR, United States  
I am a pediatric gastroenterologist and nutritionist who for more than 20 years has been dispensing what I thought was great advice to my patients and their families about healthy dietary practices to protect their heart and lower their "bad" cholesterol. Dennis Willmont's book has been a true revelation about how the body really manages dietary fat. This is hands-down the best book you could read on nutrition if you want to have a healthier life from now on. I garauntee that your cardiologist and/or gastroenterologist will know less about nutrition than you after you read this book. They just don't teach this stuff to us in medical school. We're fed the "facts" that are most convenient to pharmaceutical interests in a way that we swear it's science. Now I realize that for more than 20 years I've been helping my patients of all ages to just get sicker. This book should be required reading for all medical students, dieticians and chefs.

Was this review helpful to you?

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